Go Beyond the Textbook - How to Use This is School for Homework!

Unlocking GCSE Success

April 17, 2024
This is School

Discover how to create less stress and more success during GCSEs with This is School.

The demands of modern education are constantly evolving. Grading criteria and marking schemes are changeable, and the pressures of examinations can feel looming from the very beginning of the academic year, especially when it comes to GCSE exams in the UK. This can be a potent recipe for student stress and teacher burnout.

That’s why the tools and platforms implemented in secondary schools during - and before! - GCSE preparations need to be able to properly support students on their journey.

The good news is, if you’re teaching Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, or Mandarin, you’ve just found your solution.

A testimonial from Marisol Foster which reads "The grammar videos are superb, quick and very easy for students to use and revise with." on a pink background. Also shown is a trophy marked with A++.

⭐ Cultural Capital Galore

Finding truly engaging, interesting and up to date resources takes time. Trust us, we’ve been there! That’s why we have spent over ten years gathering global guides to help students build comprehension and confidence with an added dollop of cultural context. 

For Modern Foreign Language and Mandarin learners, this means access to over 12,500 videos featuring native speakers. All videos are curriculum-aligned and totally unscripted, meaning students are exposed to - and engaged by! - natural rhythms and manners of speaking while still accessing the information required by their exam board. Thanks to location filming throughout different countries, we’ve not only captured a wide range of accents but also cultural touchpoints and experiences. This means students are exposed to more than just the oral and aural language; consider it a field trip without the footwork!

For Geography students, they can use over 30 engaging videos which feature recent Geography graduates discussing the hot topics of AQA GCSE. Much like our language videos, we never tell our participants what to say, meaning they are chock-full of discussion starters to encourage conversation and critical analysis. 

All of these resources are supported by 120-second concept explainer videos, where we deep dive into different areas of terminology and vocabulary; interactive activities such as Gap Fills, Jigsaws, Vocabulary, and Comprehension; plus downloadable worksheets and reading comprehensions for language subjects.

📍 Targeted and Tailored

This is School helps to really dig into your GCSE preparation by tailoring learning paths for your students. Starting from the moment you create an assignment, students move through interactive activities scaffolded by complexity and understanding, receiving ongoing assessment. You and your students then have a continuous pulse on comprehension, helping all parties to clearly identify key revision areas while allowing provision of timely interventions as required. 

📈 Feedback Freedom

Activities are automatically graded and you can immediately see student progress. With Speaking and Writing, you can import marking criteria and add your own feedback using highlighting tools (or a spoken response!).

🚋 Revision On the Go

This is School allows students to revise on-the-go. We often hear stories of how students are so focused on winning Nutty Tilez, that they’ve essentially been revising on holiday - now how many textbooks can say that?

⏰ Truly Time Saving Tools

With our wide range of tools and resources, you’re equipped to monitor progress, deliver timely feedback, and ensure students are moving through the scaffolded support activities as needed. For example, you can use Markbook View to see an overview of student activity across multiple assignments in one place, giving you a top level overview of activity and the opportunity to easily identify areas for improvement. 

Through our combination of authentic resources that provide students not only with information but inspiration to achieve (plus of course our time saving tools for you!), This is School is here to support every GCSE journey and to make academic excellence a no-brainer.

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