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we're quirky
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In fact, we believe that’s what makes This is School so great.

We create teaching resources that are memorable, fun and, most importantly, give students a flying start.

My! how they've grown!

What would an 'about us' page be without showcasing a nice-looking corporate timeline?


Crash landing

Former teacher George does a crash-course in Computer Science and realises how to create a website to deliver authentic videos into schools, creating an affordable textbook alternative.


Our first client

thisislanguage.com launches and we work with our first client - Downe House School in the UK.



Anna joins and becomes Co-founder. TIL reaches 100 schools and launches Spanish!


Qui bono?

Italian and ESL launch. Latin teachers around the world can't believe their luck that Nutty Tilez can be played in Latin.


Crazier than a coconut

The concept demo for Nutty Tilez makes students say things like: "BEST GAME EVER!". A legend is born.


Born in the USA

German launched! Newport News in the US becomes our first client in USA. First #nuttytilez competition launches. The crowd goes wild.



Our infamous Do the Exercises videos start production. TIL can now be found in 500 schools worldwide.


We're global

TIL reaches 1000 schools in over 40 countries. Video production hits 200 new videos a week. Grammar Guy becomes an icon for teachers around the world.


You'd BETTer believe it

TIL wins the prestigious BETT Award for Secondary Content. Chris almost breaks his leg during an office away-day at #goape.


Lock up, not down

We help support over 250,000 students during the global pandemic. We also met and immediately partnered with the awe-inspiring charity Mary's Meals.


Best in breed

Our speaking feature quickly becomes the best-in-breed product for assessing oral proficiency. Exam board alignment is complete!


The next big move

Increasing numbers of clients ask if we'd bring out unique approach to other subject areas...cogs begin to turn.


Making way for Mandarin

Mandarin joins the This is School offering as we release 400 new, authentic and totally unscripted videos.


What is school? Answer...

After 12 months of client research, sweat, some tears and overwhelming positivity from early adoptors, This Is Language relaunches as This is School.


Larger than life resources

The compass takes us to our Geography launch for UK schools, ready to help teachers climb the mountain of finding resources for this larger than life subject!


It's in our DNA...

Sciences launches for UK schools, with resources to spark student imagination in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Combined Science.

Meet the Team

Say hello to our all-star cast of learners, dreamers, and achievers.

Founder and Presenter

George Van den Bergh

The guiding star in our educational galaxy, George's commitment to innovation and his belief in the power of education is the driving force behind This is School.

Head of Sales

Veronica Duncan

As our Sales Maestro at This is School, Veronica orchestrates deals with the finesse of a conductor leading a harmonious ensemble and makes sure every subscription shines.

Co-founder and Head of Product

Anna Coneys Wainwright

With her finger on the pulse of pedagogical innovation, Anna is the power behind our content which turns any classroom blues into symphonies of "edu-tainment."

values and mission

built from the heart

  • Belief
  • Quality
  • Wellbeing
  • Communication
  • Kindness

trophy cabinet

We’re not ones to toot our own horns, so we’re glad we’ve got these award logos to do it for us. They reflect over 10 years of building This is School. Aren't they shiny?

our school report card

We love what we do but don't just take our word for it. Here are the report cards from our star alumni.

Photo of Alumni

This Is School is an asset to my World Language instruction and to my students’ experience

Wendy Stuck


Denbigh High School

Photo of Alumni

Makes life easier with built in functions such as setting assignments and also scoring; students are very keen and motivated when working on their This is School tasks!

Mark Little

HS Teacher

Anglo-American School of Sofia

Photo of Alumni

Students want to be using This is School

Marisa Simms-Crewe

Head of Subject

Standish Community High School

Photo of Alumni

The grammar videos are superb, quick and very easy for the students to use and revise with.

Marisol Foster

Head of Subject

Torquay Boys’ Grammar School

Photo of Alumni

As a relatively small school, located in a very rural area, it is really powerful for our students to realise that they are competing against pupils from all over the world.

Kristen Mounce

Subject Lead

Great Torrington School

Photo of Alumni

Our teachers and students love it!

Paul Morgan

Head of Subject

Solihull School

Photo of Alumni

My students use This is School even when I don't assign it!

Martin Fameni


Woodgrove High School, VA

Photo of Alumni

The genius of This is School is that by the time our students get to the GCSE, they've done so much listening on TiS that they're like, "This is a doddle!"

Tony Rolle


Downend School

Photo of Alumni

A new development at This is School which we find really useful is your speaking tool. Giving feedback to students becomes so easy and the fact that you innovate and listen to your clients really sets you apart.

Chris Brown

Head of Subject

Rugby School

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