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Beyond the Textbook: Using This is School for Homework and Revision

May 8, 2024
This is School

See how This is School can help with truly engaging activities and assignments in French, Spanish, German, Italian, ESL, Mandarin, and Geography!

"Through our scaffolded exercises and authentic videos, we are really building up confidence in students and creating those lovely light-bulb moments."

Whether you're in the middle of exams or looking towards the next assessment period already, it's always a good time to explore ways in which to reignite revision and create healthy homework habits. In this session, Regional Manager Kathryn and Head of Sales Veronica explore the ways in which you can use This is School to support these aims and maximise the impact of your subscription.

Whether you're a This is School newbie or have been with us for a few years, this is a great session to explore key areas to assist with homework and revision.

Over the 30 minutes, you'll see:

📽️ Unscripted, authentic videos featuring native speakers for French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin plus real-world videos with student peers explaining geographical concepts for Geography - all curriculum aligned, easily searchable, and simple to set for homework

😲 Where Grammar Guy lives, and how he can help students with identification, multiple choice, ordering, and full skills practice for languages plus geography terminology for students who may be struggling to understand concepts or simply want a fun and engaging refresher!

🥜 Nutty Tilez, our super popular vocab (yes, vocab!) game where students can compete against each other or AI bots to learn new words - featuring over 50 levels of language learning

✅ How you can set grading criteria for various exam boards and provide students with detailed lists of what is expected of them, so they are entering their exams feeling fully prepared and supported.

You'll also hear from teachers just like you who are already using This is School and seeing the progress in their students!

"Hearing from a student who is just like them gives students an opportunity to open discussions with their teachers and class...building confidence in articulating themselves and their ideas."
If you'd like to see more of This is School, request your 14-day free trial today! Trials start at your convenience, so you can choose the best time for you and your students. Happy days!